Our best-in-class farm management services can transform businesses for our dairy and farm clients by increasing efficiencies, creating a competitive advantage and helping farmers save time so they can concentrate on other things—like taking care of their animals and being with their families.


We can do this because we’re not merely providing management advice and information like consultants. Our team of experts is made up of actual farm managers and owners that see the day-to-day numbers and understand the real life challenges that happen on farms. It’s easy to bounce ideas off of them because they speak your language—living and breathing farming. Here are just a few of our other unique offerings:

  • We can scale services to meet each farm owner’s individual needs.
  • Our collective buying power helps farmers save money.
  • We help farming operations find the best technology available for their efficiency needs.



Our Finance and Accounting departments cover a wide-range of financial services from annual reports to analysis. Services include:

    1. Accounting
    2. Receivables and payables
      1. Payroll and taxes
      1. Quarterly reports
      1. Financial analysis and monthly reporting
      1. Maintaining banking and financing relationships



Our collective buying power allows us to purchase necessary supplies in bulk and keep costs down for our clients. Services include:

      1. On site storage to keep necessary supplies on hand
      2. Reducing reliance on logistics
      3. Strategic purchasing for cost efficiency

An important part of the AgriVision process, our Human Resources team achieves much more than traditional HR departments. Services include:

    1. Recruiting, training, and developing employees
    2. Standardize and implement procedures across our dairies
    3. Evaluate employee performance
    4. Coordinate regular supervision and meetings




Our dairy team is able to apply their years of experience in the industry to find the best practices. Services include:

      1. Implement tracking software and analyze data
      2. Monitor production and manage contracts
      3. Maintain proper nutrition by working with farm team and nutritionists, testing feed regularly, and tracking commodity contracts

Our farm management team ensures your farm operates at maximum efficiency. Services include:

      1. Work with dairy managers, nutritionists and agronomists to develop and execute feed production plans
      2. Tracks expenses by circle and crop
      3. Sources custom harvesters, irrigators, trucking, etc.
      4. Manages crop inventories

We have a full service mechanic’s shop that services our dairy and farm equipment. Services include:

    1. Maintain efficient operation of farm and dairy equipment
    2. Prepare for common mechanical breakdowns
    3. Maintain inventory and order necessary parts



We help farmers save office time so they can concentrate on other things—like taking care of their animals and spending time with their families. Services include:

    1. Social media
    2. Branding
    3. Desktop publishing
    4. and more

We work with trucking companies to manage supply chains and help transport our commodities. Services include:

      1. Manage supply chains
      2. Transport commodities
Risk Management

Pedestal Commodity Group—a full service commodities company—assesses risk, trades futures and cash commodities and procure the feed we do not grow. Services include:

        1. Risk assessment
        2. Trade futures and cash commodities
        3. Procure the feed our clients do not grow



Founded in 2005 by Donald and Cheri De Jong, Natural Prairie Dairy is the quintessential AgriVision Farm Management success story. They began with 800 cows and, in just ten years, hit the 9,000 milking mark. Today, Natural Prairie Dairy produces more than 64,000 gallons of milk every day for several prominent grocery stores in the United States.


Natural Prairie Dairy Farms, LLC (NPDF) is one of the largest, family-operated organic dairy farms in the United States. Based in Hartley, Texas, NPDF was founded by Donald and Cheri De Jong in 2005 and has been operated by the De Jong family ever since. NPDF’s mission is to provide the highest quality, best-in-class organic product from their family to yours.

Natural Prairie Dairy Farms

Milking 5,800 Holstein cows in Hartley, Texas, Northside Farms produces conventional milk for Select Milk Producers.

Northside Farms

The De Jong family acquired Jersey Gold Dairy—a 3,000 Jersey cow dairy in Hartley, Texas—in February 2015. Focused on producing milk to make cheese and was named after the business the De Jong family owned when they first immigrated to the US—a dairy and cash & carry store, where they sold Jersey Gold Milk.

Jersey Gold Dairy

DJ Farms is a replacement heifer ranch that raises conventional heifers from birth to springer age. They specialize in focusing on heifer feeding, socialization and breeding until they join the milking herd.

DJ Farms

A transportation company, Hartland Transportation hauls commodities for our clients in the Texas panhandle and into Colorado.

Hartland Transportation

A full-service mechanic’s shop that services our clients’ farming and dairy equipment, DJ Enterprises orders and maintains inventory and services equipment and parts for our farming and dairy clients.


DJ Enterprises also performs bulk purchasing of many dairy-related products so they can be offered for purchase at competitive prices.

DJ Enterprises

Nick Farms is a conventional farm located in Hartley, Texas providing feed for our conventional dairies.

Nick Farms

Alpha Hay Farm produces hay in Colorado for conventional dairies.

Alpha Hay Farm

Natural Prairie Organic produces organic alfalfa hay, corn and wheat for Natural Prairie Dairy.

Natural Prairie Organic

Based in Colorado, this organic farm produces alfalfa for Natural Prairie Dairy Farms.

Natural Prairie Organic – Colorado